Tips on Using Google AdWords

On this page we have two types of tips for using Google AdWords effectively. First Joe Bavonese was interviewed by Psychotherapy Finances about some of the most important issues for therapists using Google AdWords pay per click advertising.

Then we have a short article by Perry Marshall on the key factors Google is looking for in rating your ads.

Here's Perry Marshall's tips on using AdWords:

-First of all, Google wants ads that get clicked on. If nobody clicks on your ad, they don't get paid for the click. That's why your ad position is not just determined by bid price but by the Click Thru Rate. I've seen CTR's lower than 0.1% for search traffic and CTR's upwards of 30%. The difference between a bad ad and a good one is gigantic.

-Google rewards and prefers stability and longevity. When you first open a brand new Google account, every assumption they make is *not* in your favor. Before the very first click comes - while they're still taking all the risk for you - they're going to assume you don't know how to write good ads, that people who come to your website will probably leave right away, that you're incompetent.

You pay the highest click prices in the beginning.

But.... if you establish a good click thru rate and users don't hit the "back" button once they hit your site, the Big G starts breathing a sigh of relief and gives you more breathing room of your own. I've been observing for years now that good advertisers' click costs tend to stay level. I've even seen, lately, some going down instead of up.

-Google likes to see a low "bounce rate." That's the number of people who click to your site and immediately bail. Google Analytics reports this for you as a percentage.

-Ideally Google would like to see those people click on your ad, disappear into your site and never be seen again. Hopefully because your visitors are so deliriously happy and involved in what you are doing that they don't want to search again. THAT is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

-Ads that consistently have a high ranking and high CTR will begin to show up on the premium space across the top of the search results, instead of running down the right side.

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